Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Does Hillary Rodham Clinton's Recent Health Problems End Her 2016 Presidential Bid?

HRC checking for cancerous lumps.
Hillary Clinton, has recently had a stomach virus, a concussion and now a blood clot in the brain. Ms. Clinton isn't getting any younger and her recent spate of health problems along with the Benghazi Scandal that occurred under her watch certainly have implications for her 2016 presidential bid. As her Benghazi testimony looms, one wonders what other health problems may befall her? Perhaps she will be unable to walk to the hearing due to hangnail. There are so many medical conditions that can occur: bad hair day, post menopausal syndrome, bimbo eruptions, cankle contusion, Benghazi Avoidance Syndrome. In any case there are more than enough medical conditions that can occur that will allow Ms. Clinton to avoid the possibility of allowing her 2016 political opponents to have video tape of her lying about the Benghazi Affair for the world to see.

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