Thursday, January 10, 2013

Well of course they do – important people send their children here

Sidwell Friends crossing guards
Sidwell Friends crossing guardsSidwell Friends School (“Friends” being the pacifist “Quakers”, ironically enough) keeps eleven armed security guards on hand at all times, plus a Secret Service contingent when O’Bama’s kids are visiting from Hawaii. These guards, you understand, weren’t placed there after the First Family selected the school as the perfect place for Mushnut and Whatshername, they were there before and they’ll be there after – it’s standard operating procedure.
Who attends Sidwell? The children of our elected politicians – there’s not a child of this privileged class who attends Washington’s public schools – and those of the very media types who call the NRA a bunch of lunatics for suggesting we place armed guards in our schools. In this case, “little people” does not refer to size of the students but to us, the bitter clingers.

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