90 Miles From Tyranny : Fraudulent Voter Suppression Law Enacted In Virginia

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fraudulent Voter Suppression Law Enacted In Virginia

Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia signed into law legislation requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls beginning next July. This new law is designed to suppress fraudulent voting in the state.

As he did in 2012, McDonnell has again issued an executive order to aid implementation of the new voter law.

He has directed state election officials to educate the public on this latest policy change and instructed them to provide local registrars the equipment needed to produce photo registration cards.

Last year, Virginia spent nearly $2 million on voter outreach and the reissuance of registration cards to millions of voters after the law change tailored which forms of ID are acceptable.

In his more recent executive order, McDonnell said updates to state voting law are intended to make "our electoral system less subject to fraud" and he highlighted SB 1256 as a way to "further address any vulnerabilities in our system."

Remember, when Democrats call requiring the simplicity of requiring an ID to vote "Voter Suppression", we must use their terminology to our advantage to get out the truth of the matter, it should be called "Fraudulent Voter Suppression"

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