90 Miles From Tyranny : Testing A Bullet Proof Vest In 1923

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Testing A Bullet Proof Vest In 1923

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  1. I am not sure, but I believe this would have been the time when... they used silk. I believe a doctor, wanting to deal with the problems pertaining to an increase in shootings where he lived, decided to research bullet-proof/resistant materials. After trying many materials, and doing a great deal of reading, he read something about a civil war incident in which silk had not been penetrated by a bullet. While the single layer didn't stop the bullet, it also didn't rip the silk. The silk was wrapped around the bullet that was removed from the patient. From there he began experimenting. I don't know the exact formulation of his vest, but silk was a large part of it.

    The Japanese also used it to baffle arrows, for riders, dignitaries, and the elite. It was tried and found to be extremely effective, even against multiple arrows. A single layer, but filled with air by the speed from being on a horse. Sorry, blathering...