Friday, February 20, 2015

Media Circus Parade Featuring Grand Marshal Obama – Unanimous Reporting Of “Poor Pitiful Illegal Alien Victims” In Propaganda Outlets

Anyone who doubts that the mainstream media is controlled by the
same wealthy global government cabal that controls what used to be our government need only look at the pro-regime bias in the media reporting of the injunction against Hussein Obama’s criminal illegal amnesty. They are correctly not news organizations but propaganda for instruments promoting an agenda. That is why they are called the media, sharing that designation with Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live and Barney.

Just as the Soviet Union had Pravda, we in America have our “free press.” It is a tool of even greater value to the controlling authority, given that the majority of those who sit and subject themselves to their daily programming are not even aware that it is happening.

Curtis Houck of Newsbusters surveyed the coverage given by the three major networks in reporting the events and found that a mere 18 seconds of coverage was given to those opposed to the illegal amnesty decree, while those who supported the dictatorial acts of the pseudo-president were given roughly six minutes to make their case.

The network “reporting” was delivered in the familiar sensationalist and pathetic victimization tones, intended to intensify the outrage among their audience members at the injustices of the heartless judge and the 26 state governments who were fighting against our imperial “president.”

The “poor innocent invaders’” hopes were dashed and “they only want to support their families,” or Republicans are “stealing children from their mother’s arms,” familiar excuses that completely ignore the facts that they could be supporting their families in their own country and that squatters have...

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