Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Calling BS On BLM – Sheriff Clarke Has Had Enough Of Anti-American Marxists, War On Cops, Enablers’ False Narrative

The woman that starts the video cries out her ignorance while condemning police officers saying, “All of em should be held responsibo because the police officer, the goot ones, as they say, they don’t testify against em. So they’re all bad. If you’re a part of that gang – you need to quit yo job.” [sic]

That’s the kind of intellectual giant that is having a microphone shoved in front of their face as they spew and target America’s law enforcement and through them our laws and our constitutional republic. They’re ignorant, easily led, used to getting and still demanding, special privileges and something for nothing.

It’s worth noting that at the 1:18 point of the video, one older white demonstrator is seen wearing a sweatshirt that reads “Revolution Nothing Less,” which speaks to the point that Sheriff Clarke is making as to the true agenda of the agitators. Communists Carl Dix and Cornell West were spurring on the group, with creating chaos in America the purpose underlying their assertions, intended to...

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