Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Obama's Nuclear Lottery Winner Iran Arrests Cartoonist After Drawing Cartoon in Support of France

An Iranian cartoonist was reportedly arrested in Tehran after drawing a cartoon in support of France after suicide bombings and shootings in Paris killed and wounded hundreds of people.

Official state news media, which are controlled by Iran’s hardliners, have yet to report the arrest of the cartoonist, Hadi Heidari.

The Tabnak news site, a Persian-language service in Iran, said Mr. Heidari was taken into custody for “unknown reasons” Monday afternoon while at work at The Shahrvand, a daily newspaper in Tehran that is owned by Iran’s Red Crescent Society, or Red Cross. Iranian rights activists, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for protection, said they had learned of Mr. Heidari’s arrest from his colleagues at The Shahrvand, who described the arresting agents as members of the intelligence unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. … It came after the publication of a cartoon by Mr. Heidari depicting tearful solidarity with the people of France over the attacks Friday that left at least 129 people....
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