Friday, December 11, 2015

Ted Cruz Climate Hearings – Seven Points The Hoax Promoting Alarmists Can’t Answer That Refute Their Claims

Senator Ted Cruz closes a hearing of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Subcommittee into topic of the legitimacy of the theory of man-caused global warming, saying, “This hearing was a hearing to discuss facts and evidence and data rather than partisan dogma and ideology and there are at least seven facts that our witnesses have laid out here for which there have been, I believe, no effective response.”

In other words, the point the Senator is making is that the facts, when presented without the bluster of a religious zealot and the vague broad predictions of a palm reader don’t stand up to scrutiny. Alarmists generally won’t subject themselves to such a situation in which they have to defend their assertions, as they have no basis from which to mount a defense. They’re guaranteed, automatic losers. He cited the following points:

  • Number one, carbon dioxide, rather than being a pollutant, is good for plant life.
  • Number two, that the earth, right now, today, is greening.”
  • Number three, that for significant periods in history....

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  1. Terd Cruz voted for Obama-trade... fúcking hypocrite... I'm voting for Trump.

    Cruz can go stand with Israel without me, I'll stand for the USA.