Friday, December 11, 2015

The More Dishonest Lefties Attack Trump, The More I Like Him...

Ted Cruz is still my top guy, but damn I love the way that Trump frustrates the traitorous, lying press and the left in general. They will lie about what he says, take it out of context, lie to the low information masses and still, Trump stays on top and gives the leftstream media heartburn at night. If it makes lefties feel uncomfortable or bad, if it frustrates them, and makes them angry the more I like it.

Years and years of hearing the lies of the media, the way they cover a minor topic as if it was important and then completely ignore news that I feel is important, the way the leftist media brainwashes and indoctrinates lazy and ignorant minds have frustrated me for years. Your turn assholes, I hope Trump grabs you by the balls and makes you scream for your mommies, you filthy, lying assholes.

1 comment:

  1. Reagan, the orginal "teflon President" had the same type of charisma, something that's badly lacking in every Republican candidate, excepting Trump. Now if he were only an actual, you know, conservative.

    Trump = Schwarzenegger 2.