Friday, January 22, 2016

Illegal Immigrant Offers 3 Year Old Little Girl Stuffed In Closet Up For Sex

An illegal immigrant allegedly bound a 3-year-old girl with duct tape, stuffed her in a trash bag, put her in a closet of feces and then offered her up for sex from his Arizona apartment.

Police found the abused child in the closet, malnourished and covered in bruises, scars and blisters, after a man who had gone to the apartment for sex tipped them off, reported a Fox affiliate. She was surrounded by feces.

“When officers went in, all they saw was the top of the child’s head in the trash bag,” Mesa Police Chief John Meza told reporters Tuesday. “The child had duct tape over her mouth, around her arms, her hands, and legs.”

Police charged illegal immigrant Francisco Javier Rios Covarrubias Tuesday with kidnapping, sexual conduct with a minor, felony child abuse and sex trafficking. He was denied bail because of his illegal status and has been placed on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold, which means...
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  1. The restraint of law enforcement officers amazes me. I would have been tempted to just shoot both of them and declare good riddance.

    see what i mean