Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Three Arrested for Allegedly Removing Donald Trump Sign from Yard, Threatening Sign Owner with Gun

Two men and a teenager have been charged under Georgia’s Criminal Street Gang Act for allegedly pulling a Donald Trump sign out of a man’s yard, then threatening the sign owner with a gun.

According to WRCB, on March 8 in Dalton, Georgia, David Grant had a Trump sign displayed in his yard when Mauricio Rodriguez, Hector Ayala, and Alexander Moreno allegedly walked over, pulled it out of his yard, and threw it into the street. Grant was reportedly outside, saw what the three did, and yelled, “You got one choice. Come and fix this sign!”

Grant said the three responded by getting “aggressive” and that one began “patting his stomach and then showed a handgun.” He said one of the individuals said, “You are about to get a cap popped in your a**!”

A neighbor across the street saw the event unfold and...
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