Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WATCH: Trump Rusher Tommy DiMassimo’s Films Feature Torture Porn of Black People

Tommy DiMassimo—the flag-desecrating young man from Ohio whose attempt to get onstage with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump was thwarted by the Secret Service Saturday—is also a budding
filmmaker, whose work is posted on YouTube and often seems to involve images of black people being tortured.

Prior to his newly-found Trump fame, Mr. Dimassimo was a child actor, according to his IMdB resume. His page features a professional-looking headshot of DiMassimo as a youngster and credits including two appearances in 2004 on the series Reno 911 as well as a 2008 credit on the Tyler Perry series House of Payne.

Like many young thespians, Mr. DiMassimo wanted to branch out into producing and directing later in life, prior to branching into Black Lives Matter activism.

Here are couple of Mr. DiMassimo’s own efforts.

Red, Black and Blue is a short film that DiMassimo both wrote and produced in addition to portraying the role of “Killer Cop.”

The movie seems to be about black people murdering police officers after being humiliated and tortured by them. The “teaser” for the film shows a number of young black men being first tortured by police and then....
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