90 Miles From Tyranny : Prepping: How To Aim A Bow Better..

Monday, July 25, 2016

Prepping: How To Aim A Bow Better..

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  1. This comment has nothing to do with the article but I couldn't get through on your e-mal address

    Hello Mike.... my name is Bill Shaw, I write the blog "philthydelphia". I'm in a bit of a quandary....My blog is small, I have 17 followers, normal reader count is around 300 per day. The other day I saw I had over 1500 views, yesterday it was 346 and now today at 1:30pm I have over 900. When I checked stats on my audience I see most are from Russia 3639 in one week. Do you know if anyone else seeing such a rise in viewers from Russia or is this just a fluke ?

    It has me a little concerned. I know you are well known in the group of blogs I follow and thought maybe you could shine some light on this for me. If you would, you can answer on this e-mail or in comments on my blog

    Thanks in advance..............Pappy

    1. Hey Bill,

      I actually read your post about this the other day and looked at my stats to see If I had a similar rise. I did not.
      However today, I do, Russia has moved up to second place in countries and is now providing significant hits. I know Russia has their own search engine, perhaps they finally got around to indexing blogger? Maybe they just like our jokes about Obama?
      In the last week or so, blogger's stats have beeen odd, I attributed it to the news of facebook bias against conservatives, I'm getting a lot more Facebook hits now, but who knows?
      In any case, I would not worry about it, just enjoy the extra hits!

  2. Pappys' e-mail............philthydelphia0839@gmail.com