Monday, August 8, 2016

How Much Illegal Aliens vs American Families Receive In Welfare Benefits Under Obama

V. Saxena reports that a bombshell new report by the Center for Immigration Studies revealed that both legal and illegal immigrants use more welfare benefits than native households.

Specifically, in 2012, immigrants consumed $6,234 in federal welfare benefits per household, whereas natives consumed only $4,431, CIS reported.

Here are additional details:

The average immigrant family uses 33, 57 and 44 percent more cash, food and Medicaid welfare, respectively, than the average native household.

Immigrant households from Central America and Mexico consume an average of $8,251 in welfare per household, making them the country’s biggest leeches.

Illegal immigrant families cost taxpayers approximately $5,692 in undeserved benefits, luxuries and other such things.

These dire statistics exist primarily because of the “lower level of education and larger number of children” seen in immigrant families.

“Immigrants are such heavy users of welfare...Read More HERE

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