Tuesday, August 16, 2016

If You Don’t Yet Own An AR-15 To Defend Your Family From Violent Rioters, You’re Wrong

A multi-block neighborhood in north Milwaukee erupted into rioting, looting, and arson last night after minority residents affiliated with Black Lives Matter used the death of an armed violent criminal to justify a crime spree. The rioting, looting, and arson followed the officer-involved shooting death of 23-year-old gang-affiliated felon named Sylville K Smith. Smith turned towards a black police officer with a stolen gun in his hand and was fatally shot.

The criminals who rioted last night in Milwaukee last won’t get another chance to to wage war against civil society without a fight.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has activated the National Guard to...Read More HERE


  1. Coming our way soon. Lock and load.

  2. The fact that the officer who shot the perp was black will do little to change the narrative that "cops target young black men". The Left has never let facts come between them and a good narrative.