Thursday, August 4, 2016

LOU DOBBS: Koch Bros, Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton on Same Side – It’s Globalists Against Americans (VIDEO)

Lou Dobbs: And let’s be clear, whether it is Charles and David Koch, whether it is Hillary Clinton, whether it is Paul Ryan, whomever, they’re working on the same side of a divide. And that is a divide between globalists and Americans and everybody better understand that as we move forward from this point.

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  1. Trump's his own worst enemy. I voted for Cruz in the primaries, but decided to support Trump as the nominee. His behavior however will more than likely give the Presidency to the most corrupt high level politician I have ever seen. Even if somehow he wins, I can't imagine someone so lacking in self control to ever be President. The last time a Clinton won they got Ross Perot to act as a decoy to take votes away from Bush. It makes me highly suspicious of Trump as a Hillary operative. How can someone this idiotic, undisciplined and egotistical run a large business? I doubt they could - hence my suspicions.