Thursday, August 4, 2016

Muslim Man Attacks Franciscan Friar At Cafe And Tries To Rip His Cross Off, Tells Him ‘You Are A B*Stard And Son Of A Whore, I Am Going To Kill You…You Need To Fear Me, I Am An Arab’- The Days Of The Reconquista Are Returning

There is a reason why Spain expelled the Muslims 400 years ago.

If a Christian just walked up to a Muslim and started attacking him and cursing at him, the story would make international news. Yet that is what a Muslim man did to a Christian monk minding his own business, and the silence is deafening. Folks, this is the face a war that the Muslims are insistent on starting out of this hatred for the Cross and ultimately, Jesus Himself:

In the terrace of the Cafetería Mediterráneo in the Cartagena district of Murcia a man of Moroccan origin yesterday attacked a missionary in the presence of the clients of the establishment and the bar’s waiter.
Brother Job de Jesús, the religious name of the person attacked, who is a monk in the Franciscan order, was sitting in the terrace of the bar around 7 pm when the Muslim assailant approached with the intention of grabbing the wooden Cross of Christ that hung visibly around his neck. In self-defence, the Franciscan monk blocked the hands of the accused and moved away from him, avoiding any problem and dodging the blow that did not reach him.
According to the criminal complaint that was filed, the assailant the approached him, uttering insults and threats such as “Bastard, son of a whore, I am going to kill you” before the monk decided to ignore it and leave the scene but the accused followed him, grabbed his shirt at breast level, tearing it and grabbed at the cross to tear it away, something the monk was able to avoid.
According to Brother Job, the man followed him, threatening him with phrases like “You are Spanish, you are from here and you need to be afraid of me, I am an Arab,” repeating at the same time that he was going to kill him. A waiter from the bar who was present during the incident was also attacked by the accused with a bottle of beer. (source)

Most people think the Spanish reconquista ended in 1492. That was the end of the political power of Islam in Spain. Islam itself did not end until 1609, when at the insistence of Archbishop of Valencia St. Juan de Ribera, the descendants of the Muslims were expelled. The reason was that Christians had tried for over a century to convert them, with mixed success, and many of the descendants of the Muslims, called moriscos, secretly practiced Islam while they fomented violent revolution against the Church and Spain. They had to be expelled for the safety of the society.

Four hundred years later, the Muslims have been invited back in and everything has come full circle. The same people who the Socialist government of Spain invited back in the name of “tolerance” and “diversity” has, like a dog returning to its vomit, immediately reverted to their old ways, because they never changed. These are people who hate the...Read More HERE

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