Wednesday, August 24, 2016

MUST SEE=> Mother of Son Murdered By Illegal Alien Tells Trump “YOU SAVED MY LIFE!” (VIDEO)

Sabine Durden is a legal immigrant from Germany. Her son Dominic Durden was murdered by an illegal alien who had two prior DUI charges.

Tonight Sabine and several other mothers of slain children by illegal aliens joined Sean Hannity and Donald Trump for a town hall event in Austin, Texas.

Sabine told Donald Trump on Tuesday, “You saved my life!”:

Sabine Durden: “I’m a legal immigrant from Germany. I did everything right and my son Dominic was called German chocolate because of his heritage. And I brought him with me. I brought his ashes with me to show what I have left of my family. I have no family left. That was my only child. The guy got 9 months, 5 years probation and served 35 days for killing my child. He had a prior felon and two DUIs. And Mr. Trump, you saved my life the day you ....

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