Saturday, September 3, 2016

That Time Harry Reid Sounded Exactly Like Donald Trump on Illegal Immigration

I was 1993. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) stood before the Senate in September to bolster his Immigration Stabilization Act just seven months after two CIA agents were killed at Langley headquarters by Pakistani illegal aliens and six months after the first World Trade Center bombing perpetrated by a group of Islamic terrorists that included illegals. Reid was on a mission to put an end to the immigration problem that was plaguing the United States. Some may say, after hearing his words, that he sounded exactly like Donald Trump does today. It has been Trump’s strong stance on fixing a completely shattered immigration system that has garnered him the most criticism. Illegal aliens pour into this country every day, mostly from Mexico, and with that bring financial burdens to American cities, not to mention crime and other maladies. The United States can’t support such a system for much longer. At one time, Harry Reid believed that, too. As he spoke from the Senate floor 23 years ago, Reid made his case before President Bill Clinton to end the “insane” birthright citizenship, clamp down on asylum seekers, like those who bombed the...
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