Saturday, October 15, 2016

HANNITY Tops at 10 – MEGYN KELLY Gets Pummeled in Ratings as Trump Supporters Boycott Show

Hannity is the only FOX cable news show that is ranked number one in both overall ratings and in the coveted age 25-54 age rating demographic.

This was reported by Drudge Report which linked to the ratings for cable news as of Thursday, October 13th.

In the overall ratings category, all FOX News shows between 4pm and 11pm Eastern lead when compared to their competitors except the Kelly Hour. Megyn Kelly’s show is getting beat by Rachel Maddow at CNBC.

This never would have happened two years ago.

Trump supporters are boycotting her show.… And then turning back to FOX for Hannity.

FOX’s strategy of continuously bashing Donald Trump is now affecting the once all powerful media giant.
Sean Hannity, whose show airs at the 10pm slot, is the only FOX show leading in the 25 – 54 age demographic.

It’s clear to anyone who supports Donald Trump that FOX can no longer be relied on to offer a counter-balance to the all powerful mainstream liberal media complex. People are tuning out Kelly but coming back to FOX for Hannity’s show.

No doubt that if FOX was...

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  1. "Clinton dreams of open borders and open trade." News flash! So do most of the Republican candidates. Only Trump and maybe Cruz thought otherwise. As Nolte says "Burn it all down".