Thursday, November 10, 2016

BEATDOWN US riots horror video shows black, racist teenagers beating up elderly Donald Trump voter in the street

A SICKENING video showing an older man being battered by young men because he reportedly voted for Donald Trump has emerged online.

The victim, who is white, is repeatedly punched and savagely kicked by a pair of black men as he lies cowering on the floor in the terrifying footage.

A woman is heard to shout “he voted Trump” as the men lay into the man, who at one point tries to escape in his car.

The man is then dragged along the road as one of the men steals his car in the footage, which was reportedly filmed in Chicago.

Twitter users were horrified at the violent video. One said: “This is mental. Violence over politics is terrorism.”

More and video below...
Video HERE

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  1. to bad he didnt have a carry permit could have stopped these cowards in thier tracks!