Monday, November 14, 2016

Caught On Tape: California High School Girl BEATEN For Supporting Trump

I watched the Trump interview tonight with Lesley Stahl. Stahl, learning nothing from this historic election, tried to undermine Trump. Incapable of honesty or objective reporting, Lesley Stahl asked Donald Trump about his supporters attacks on Latinos and Muslims. On what planet? Democrat goons and thugs are brutally beating Trump supporters. I laughed (with blood).
“Caught On Tape: California High School Girl Attacked For Supporting Trump,” Zero Hedge, November 11, 2016:

A female student, Jade Armenio, of Woodside High School, located just outside of Palo Alto in Northern California, was viciously attacked after posting her support of Donald Trump on Instagram. According to an account of the incident from The Mercury News, the attack came from a student who approached Armenio and exclaimed “You support Trump. You hate Mexicans.”

See Video Below:
Video HERE

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