Friday, November 4, 2016

Left Wing Propagandist PolitiFact Colludes With Evil Clinton Foundation And Used Doctored Clinton Foundation Memo To Hide The Truth..

High-ranking officers with the Clinton Foundation gave PolitiFact a doctored version of a 2008 memo lauding its HIV/AIDS program presumably to defend against congressional charges that the charity distributed ‘watered down’ drugs to poor patients on the African continent, according to new information acquired by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group.

The altered memo went to Politifact Sept. 21, 2016, three days after TheDCNF published a story entitled, “Clinton Foundation AIDS Program Distributed ‘Watered-Down’ Drugs To Third World Countries.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Clinton Foundation AIDS Program Distributed ‘Watered-Down’ Drugs To Third World Countries)

The substandard drugs were provided by Ranbaxy, an generic Indian pharmaceutical company, and distributed by the Clinton Foundation via its Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) all without telling recipients about the medication’s problems. The AIDS drug program has long been the centerpiece of the Clinton Foundation’s public reputation.

Two days after receiving the altered memo from the Clinton Foundation, PolitiFact published a critique that concluded TheDCNF’s story was “false.” Politifact’s critique relied heavily altered document in reaching its conclusion, saying the Clinton Foundation “warned sub-Saharan governments and others in its buyer network to take extra steps to confirm the quality of Ranbaxy’s products.”

Changes to the memo’s title were among multiple alterations identified by eSleuth, a Seattle-based computer forensic company that conducted an independent forensic examination of the altered Clinton Foundation memo at the request of TheDCNF.

“Apparently, the original title was ‘Ranbaxy Talking Points,” eSleuth head Gordon Mitchell told TheDCNF, adding that it was changed Sept. 21, 2016, to read “Overview: FDA Warnings to Ranbaxy.”

The forensic review also concluded that neither the Clinton Foundation nor CHAI ever posted the document on the Internet prior to...

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