Thursday, November 17, 2016

VA Whistleblower Quits His Job, Says Agency Put Him In An Office With Zero Computers And Social Contact

Brian Smothers, a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) employee in Colorado, resigned after alleging serious retaliation in the wake of his disclosure of unauthorized wait lists.

Smothers said Wednesday the VA tried to bully him into admitting via a signed statement that he violated the rules when he went public with his concerns about mental health wait lists, The Associated Press reports.

According to Smothers, who worked on the PTSD support team in Denver, various VA facilities in Colorado have placed patients on unauthorized wait lists for mental health since 2012 — all the way until September, 2015. The purpose of the list, Smothers said, was to hide how long veterans were actually waiting for care, a theme so familiar in VA scandals around the country. At the...

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  1. To be honest, if this is psychiatry/psychology? I support a massive waiting list. PTSD, sure, get em' in. For the rest, not so much. The rest of it is a fraud. Dump that department. Anything anyone might have had, that isn't ptsd, they probably had from the offset... as unreliable as any diagnosis is in that field to start.

    If this was for medical care for service connected, that is one thing. For snowflakes and buttercups? Not so much.