Monday, December 12, 2016

Nutjobs Glenn Beck and Samantha Bee Bond Over Their Fear and Loathing of Trump...

TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck interviewed Full Frontal host Samantha Bee on his show Thursday as the first part in an effort between the rightwing talker and the leftwing comedian to find common ground.

“We’re doing a piece with Glenn,” Bee said. “And so you [Beck] generously invited me to be on your show. We are merging worlds in a way.”

Beck and Bee — both vociferous critics of President-elect Donald Trump from the right and the left, respectively — bonded over their mutual distress at the election outcome, the dangers of “fake news,” and their desire to “stand up for people who are imperiled” now that Trump won.

While they both conceded that there are “many things” they don’t agree on, Bee said, “It’s okay with us to agree with each other on some things. I feel like there’s a shared humanity, right?”

Beck agreed and complimented Bee’s humor, saying that he finds her “very, very funny.”

Beck suggested that the way he responded to Barack Obama’s victory in 2008 was comparable to Bee’s response to Trump’s election.

“Does it bother to you that we seem to be playing musical chairs, that under the last president I was freaked out and thinking...Read More HERE

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