Wednesday, December 28, 2016

So you honestly believe that Muslims can integrate into American and European Society?

Over 1,000 RADICAL Muslims gathered in the streets of London demanding a Caliphate. Incidentally, they happen to be the SAME Syrians and other Arabs who make up the people you know as THE PALESTINIANS.

Unfortunately for the latest hypocrisy at the UN and for the first American president who made sure no nation will ever trust America again, there’s a narrative the Islamists and Barry Soetoro don’t want you to know. It is this:

There’s no such person, nation, civilization, country, culture know as “Palestinian.” There’s no Palestinian history, cuisine, religion, architecture, ancient artifacts and archeology, language, literature or art known as “Palestinian.” The Palestinians were “invented,” exactly as Newt Gingrich a history professor stated, in Moscow circa 1964.

In case you have doubt about the accuracy of the history at the link, perhaps you won’t from the words of THE GATESTONE INSTITUTE written more than a year after my work. If that were not enough, perhaps you’ll consider the CIA Competitive TEAM-B Report‘s words.

The video is short. Note early on the speaker blames the US for renditions to Syria’s dictator Assad. Of course he’s got it #-backward. We are fighting against and trying to kill Assad! In other words, Obama is on the rebel’s side - the speaker’s side - the side of the Caliphate.

As it were, as once a victim of, I’m hardly a fan of Russian aggression anywhere, it is Vlad Putin whom incidentally, using astral projection to control the...Read More HERE

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