Monday, January 9, 2017

Seattle Mayor to Spend Half Million Tax Dollars Teaching Illegals to Fight Trump

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced a $250,000 plan to help shield the children of illegal immigrants and refugee families from any new crackdowns that might come from the incoming Donald Trump administration.
“The rhetoric and the promises of the incoming administration are a threat to Seattle’s economy and to Seattle’s workers,” Murray said, the Seattle Times reported.

So he’s taking tax dollars to supply services for the illegals?Yes indeed.

The Seattle Times reports:

“The mayor outlined several efforts on which the $250,000 will be spent, including certain services for immigrants of all ages. …

“Part of the city’s funding will be used to hold multiple community-education forums at Seattle Public Schools buildings and other venues, Murray said.

“Organizations with legal expertise will offer information to immigrant students and their relatives, he said.

“The forums will cover topics such as the importance of power-of-attorney documents and who to call for help when someone is in danger of being detained by...

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