Tuesday, February 14, 2017

GOP Rep. Messer: Keep Child Tax Credit Away From Illegal Immigrants

Rep. Luke Messer called on President Donald Trump to keep illegal immigrants from being allowed to be counted on the child tax credit on income taxes.

The Indiana Republican made the request in a news release Monday.

"Most Americans are astonished to learn that each year billions of taxpayer dollars are given out to people who are in our country illegally," Messer's news release read. "This is just one example of how our broken tax and immigration systems continue to incentivize immigrants to come here illegally. It's long past time to change it.

"The program is wrought with fraud."

The credit is a benefit for families of low or middle-range incomes. Under current laws, taxpayers are not required to have Social Security numbers to claim the credit, but they can only get the credit for children who are...Read More HERE

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