Thursday, March 23, 2017

Jewish Israeli Teen Arrested For Making Hundreds Of Threats Against JCC’s Around The Globe

JERUSALEM — Israeli police arrested a 19-year-old Jewish Israeli suspected of making bomb threats against Jewish community centers in the United States.

In the past couple months there have been threats called into the JCC in West Hartford, Woodbridge and Hebrew High School of New England along with others around the country. Security at the JCC and local synagogues has been increased after the recent threats.

Hebrew High School of New England in West Hartford, received a bomb threat February 27 and was one of at least 16 Jewish community centers and schools across the country to be threatened that day.

A bomb threat was called into the JCC of Greater New Haven in Woodbridge on January 31, prompting that building to be evacuated. The CEO of the JCC of Greater New Haven, Judy Diamondstein, said they haven’t received any threats today, unlike the West Hartford JCC.

The Mandell JCC was evacuated once before due to the threat on January 18.

JCC leaders said that increased staff will be on hand during morning drop-off to help with traffic and visitors.

An extreme alt-left St. Louis man, former reporter and Bernie Sanders supporter was arrested earlier this month for making some of the threats against Jewish community centers...

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