Friday, April 28, 2017

US Army reveals a machine gun-wielding robot that could be used to storm Kim Jong-un’s formidable beach defenses

A MUTT robot, armed with a machine gun, undergoes testing in harsh territory in the US
The driverless robots can crawl through both sea and sand and could be used as the first line of attack in a naval invasion

THE US Army has revealed a new machine gun-wielding robot designed to travel underwater and storm beaches as the first line of attack in future naval invasions.

It could be used to combat the military fortresses developed along North Korean beaches by tyrant Kim Jong-Un, who has warned the two countries are “on the brink of nuclear war“.

The so-called Multi-Tactical Transport Robot (MUTT) is already in use, though tests are underway at a site in California to allow it to launch beach invasions.

It uses tracks, like a tank, rather than wheels, allowing it to travel over rough terrain, including...Read More HERE

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