Thursday, June 22, 2017

How Democrats and the media manufactured the Russia/collusion story out of absolutely nothing

If you don’t already read him, I want to highly recommend the Wall Street Journal’s Holman W. Jenkins. One of his tremendous strengths as a writer is that he sees past the prevailing lines of thought that seem to inform popular narratives. If everyone assumes A because it’s very common to believe A, Jenkins will dig deep down into whether there’s any truth whatsoever to A.

And he’ll often find there’s none. Not only that, but Jenkins will also get into why so many people see to think A is the beginning and the end of the story, and he’ll explain to you what the real story is, and why.

So his piece this morning on the Russia/collusion thing is a must-read. Many of us have noted in recent days that this is an investigation about nothing. All of Washington has been looking into it for months, and no one has found any evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. It’s about as empty a story as you’re ever going to find, and yet the story goes on, and on, and on . . .

So where did it come from, and why do so many people seem convinced there must be something to it when all evidence says there isn’t?

Well there’s where...
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