Friday, June 2, 2017

RUSH: Global Warming HOAX Is The ‘Singular, Most Direct Attack On The Natural State Of Free Human Beings’

RUSH: Those of you who are regular listeners to this program are fully aware of how crucially important this whole global warming/climate change thing is to me ’cause it’s a full-fledged hoax. It is the one issue that encapsulates and houses every dream that utopian leftists have. Climate change has it all. If they can get this fully enacted by worldwide treaty, if they can get the United States to sign onto this and actually abide by whatever the restrictions and agreements are, it’s the end of this country as you know it.

You couple that with if Obamacare hangs on and remains what it is, becomes single payer, the notion of freedom, the definition of freedom and liberty are gonna be forever changed. The idea that is the United States of America is going to be lost, because the notion of ...Read More HERE

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