Monday, July 17, 2017

Twitter Erupts After Chelsea Clinton Denies Her Mother Would Sell Her To Be President

“The most soulless woman on the planet.”

Chelsea Clinton gave Twitter a field day after she took to social media to respond to a bit of campaign-style hyperbole from a Fox News contributor who suggested there was nothing Hillary Clinton would not have done to win the White House.

Speaking Friday on the Fox News show The Five, Lisa Boothe called Hillary Clinton “the most soulless woman on the planet.”

“(She) would literally sell her daughter to be president, literally sell her only child to be president,” she said.

Saturday morning, Chelsea Clinton went on Twitter to disagree.

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  1. She has already been sold to a corrupt liberal Jewish family back in 2010.

  2. Anyone else ever wonder.
    If Web Hubble gets a yearly Fathers Day card from Chelsea?