90 Miles From Tyranny : President Trump Speaks Common Sense - Politicians Never Do...

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

President Trump Speaks Common Sense - Politicians Never Do...

Politicians never challenge the leftist media, Donald Trump speaks the common sense that Americans know, but is never reflected in the mainstream media. Donald Trump speaks with honesty about the reality that Americans experience but is purposely distorted in the media. That takes balls. No one has bigger balls than Donald Trump.

AC/DC Big Balls

I'm ever upper class high society, God's gift to ballroom notoriety, I always fill my ballroom (The event is never small) The social pages say I've got The biggest balls of all Oh I've got big balls I've got big balls And they're such big balls Dirty big balls And he's got big balls And she's got big balls But we've got the biggest balls of them all And my balls are always bouncing My ballroom always full And everybody cums and cums again If your name is on the guest list No-one can take you higher Everybody says I've got GREAT BALLS OF FIRE Oh I've got big balls repeat Some balls are held for charity And some for fancy dress But when they're held for pleasure They're the balls that I like best. My balls are always bouncing To the left and to the right It's my belief that my big balls Should be held every night Oh I've got big balls repeat And I'm just itching to tell you about them Oh we had such wonderful fun Seafood cocktail, crabs, crayfish...

Ball sucker

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  1. Meant to mention; great song, great band. No such thing as a bad ACDC song. Not a one. DUCKwalk!!!


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