90 Miles From Tyranny : Less Than 1 Year After Trump Took Office, Iraq Declares Victory Over ISIS

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Less Than 1 Year After Trump Took Office, Iraq Declares Victory Over ISIS

For a major chunk of the past administration, Barack Obama struggled with trying to defeat the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

In less than one year after Donald Trump has taken office, the nation of Iraq has declared victory over the terrorist group.

According to The Washington Post, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced an end to the war against the Islamic State group, which once controlled and terrorized two-thirds of the country.

“This victory was achieved . . . when Iraqis united to face a heinous enemy that didn’t want us to see this day,” Abadi said at a press conference Saturday.

“They wanted to return us back to the Dark Ages.”

The final victory was achieved when, according to the Post, the “rugged, sparsely populated desert region bordering Syria has been ‘cleansed’ of Islamic State fighters and that the porous border that had underpinned the self-declared caliphate that straddled both countries has been fully secured.”

The turning point of the fight for control of Iraq was the nine-month battle for the city of Mosul, which was won in July.

Mosul, an ancient city that was destroyed by both Islamic State rule and the nine-month campaign to recapture it, was the last major stronghold of the terrorist group in the country.

However, pockets of resistance still remained throughout the country. With Saturday’s announcement, it appeared those pockets had finally been eliminated.

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  1. And never forget that ISIS was a product of the CIA and other US government institutions, along with further assistance from our "allies". Benghazi was intended to provide ManPADS to ISIS, and let them kidnap Ambassador Stevens to get ransom money. They took the weapons, and didn't worry about the ransom money since Stevens was homosexual. They knew the CIA would eventually give them that money anyway.

    And then there's the photos of Songbird McShame schmoozing with his ISIS buddies in Syria...

  2. See, some modern armies can actually win when they go to war. Just not the American military.

  3. Iraq won? Right. They couldn't give themselves a reach around, even in their dreams, while isis was riding them. Not sure it was the US, though I think once Russia ended the fall of Syria then the US started in on it, finished some of it. Russia is worse, but were probably right on this one, and shuttered deep state evil plans of creating an isis caliphate.

    All fiction, all the time. Don't care about Stevens, for every reason. Too bad about the cowboys. Going against state can burn. Still not sure why they didn't get the memo. What a batch of clusterfuckers running that. Pretty typical of life-hating elitist Dems.