90 Miles From Tyranny : Colorado Heroin Ring Arrests Highlight Illegals’ Role in U.S. Crime

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Colorado Heroin Ring Arrests Highlight Illegals’ Role in U.S. Crime

'Highly organized' criminal enterprise sold huge quantities of deadly drugs — most of these men had been deported previously

Six people — most of whom had been deported previously — have been charged with participating in a heroin ring in Colorado.

Jefferson County District Attorney Pete Weir announced the 61-count indictment on Thursday. Investigators seized or made undercover buys of 3,305 grams of heroin with a street value of $264,400. The district attorney’s office described a “highly organized” criminal enterprise in which members received shipments of heroin from out of state.

Fred Elbel, co-director of the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform, told LifeZette the bust highlights the need for a tougher approach to illegal immigration.

“It should come as no surprise that individuals apprehended in the heroin ring are predominantly illegal aliens,” Elbel said. “A reasonable response at this time would be to secure America’s border and to implement mandatory E-Verify so that illegal aliens will not be able to displace American workers.”

The drug ring stored the heroin in one or more “stash houses,” according to authorities. The indictment alleges that customers would call a “dispatcher,” who then would arrange a delivery. A “runner” would meet the buyer and...Read More HERE

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