90 Miles From Tyranny : Donald Trump Just Destroyed Michael Wolff’s Anti-Trump Smear Campaign

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Donald Trump Just Destroyed Michael Wolff’s Anti-Trump Smear Campaign

Michael Wolff’s anti-Trump smear novel titled Fire and Fury attempted to portray the President as a disengaged moron who is not mentally fit to be POTUS. (And yet he defeated Hillary Clinton, the both the political and media establishments?) The Globalist Media delighted in the descriptions and repeated them verbatim without even a cursory attempt at fact-checking. Many of the book’s claims have already been proven false.

Today, though, Donald Trump put his own considerable powers of negotiation on full display as he allowed media cameras into the room during a lengthy bipartisan discussion on border security and immigration reform. No other President has done this in recent memory. Certainly not Barack Obama, whose public appearances were tightly scripted affairs in which his remarks were most often confined to a few paragraphs delivered to him by Valerie Jarrett’s office. The media was instructed on what questions could be asked, and those that were to be avoided. Any members of the media who did not follow the script were promptly punished. (Some even had their computers hacked into. See: Sharyl Attkisson)

It was a remarkable display of cooperative leadership that managed to be both tough and conciliatory and showed a president fully in control of the negotiation. Even some of Mr. Trump’s most consistent detractors were left with nothing more to say than...Read more HERE

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