90 Miles From Tyranny : Canada: A Nation Crashing with NO SURVIVORS

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Canada: A Nation Crashing with NO SURVIVORS

Electoral New HOPE: Italy STRIKES BACK at the EU


  1. I live on the West Coast. Nanaimo, up island, is nicknamed China's Doorway to Canada. Just sayin'. Chinese cash has recently bought up much of downtown Nanaimo and the citizens are thrilled with what is being done with the land since it was rather neglected and run down. Sigh.

    They fell for the proposals via referendum. In other words, they threw down the welcome mat. They have no idea what they are doing.

    Mine being a Pacific naval base city, Victoria, Chinese and Japanese are as much part of the populace as the local Natives who also own a huge amount of land. I see China as the latest in the (((Communist))) implementation of the JWO/NWO by a specific group of people with a specific long term goal in mind ~ international Communism.

    As a Canadian, I see Turdeau as the perfect patsy to carry on his father's work. In fact, in 1971, immediately after his birth was announced on Christmas Day, I said to my companions, "To the manor born, that infant will rule us one day as the emperor's descendant." And here we are.

    Good presentation.

  2. Addition: I would rather live in this environment than back in Toronto from whence I came. Back in the 1970's banks advertised up to 91 languages spoken for their clientele. I remember how Toronto was divvied up into areas even in the 1950's. Kensington Market changed nationalities regularly but they were all CAUCASIAN. Portuguese. Italian. German. By the time I left Toronto in the early 1980's there were 3 Chinatowns and the area I grew up in, Agincourt, was now called "Asiancourt". I lived in Little Greece not so far from Little Italy where there were more Italians gathered on the globe except for Rome.

    Now it is a huge conglomerate mess. The last time I was there, I was definitely a minority where I traveled, could easily have been in New Dehli or Trinidad depending on the situation. Almost like when I was the only white (woman) in Kerala a few years ago. (Or so it felt).

    Anyhow... I grew up in the golden age of North America when I was surrounded by my own kind. This video is a good eye opener but probably too much for anyone not red pilled, and few Canucks are.

    1. Looks like the Great Northern Wall Similar to Game Of Thrones Needs to be built also...


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