90 Miles From Tyranny : Canada: Refugee Reports Seeing Her ISIS Slave Master on Ontario Bus — But Told to Keep Quiet

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Canada: Refugee Reports Seeing Her ISIS Slave Master on Ontario Bus — But Told to Keep Quiet

A woman who survived years of sexual slavery at the hands of ISIS was riding a bus in Ontario and saw her captor. But when she reported it to authorities, she was told to keep quiet. Why?

Canada is quite the country of Muslim sympathizers, it seems. Meanwhile, the woman — a refugee — wants to move on and move away, in terror she’s going to run once again into her ISIS captor.

From the National Post, a column by Barbara Kay describing the situation:
I’ll call her “Nada,” not her real name.Nada is a Yazidi woman from Sinjar, Iraq, now age 31. On Aug. 3, 2014, ISIL came for her people. The Kurdish Peshmerga, tasked with protecting them, fled, leaving them helpless. Nada and her two children — a boy, eight months and a girl, two — were separated from her husband and father-in-law, whom she never saw again.

The girls and women were taken to Mosul. As a married woman, Nada should not have been grouped with the girls, but she was. Their photographs were taken, overseen by an ISIL sex-slavery organizer (I’ll call him X; as you’ll learn, he remains newsworthy). They were taken to Raqqa in Syria, where Nada and her children were bought by an ISIL emir. For 10 days Nada was enjoyed by his soldiers.

Then she was resold. In all she was passed around to 13 men, including X for some months. Her first owner eventually bought her back. She fell pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl, who was given to her owner’s family. Nada was eventually made “wife” to an Iraqi fighter. He would put a gun to her head or mock “hang” her children to keep her submissive. He would constantly tell her, “You are an infidel,” and “You are dirty.” But all her captors said those things constantly, including their kinswomen.

At one gruesome point, Nada told me through an interpreter during our hour-long interview at an educational meeting on the Yazidi situation this past Sunday, Nada and her children were forced to watch four men...
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