90 Miles From Tyranny : Plutocrat Charles Koch: Trump Tariffs ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘Unfair’ to Foreigners

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Plutocrat Charles Koch: Trump Tariffs ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘Unfair’ to Foreigners

Billionaire plutocrat and GOP mega-donor Charles Koch says President Donald Trump’s tariffs on aluminum, steel, and thousands of Chinese-made imports are “ridiculous” and “unfair” to foreigners.

Koch, who funds a network of organizations with his brother, David Koch, told the media during a conference with donors over the weekend that Trump’s ten percent tariff on imported aluminum and 25 percent tariff on imported steel was not fair to foreign countries and foreign workers.

The Trump administration has said the tariffs on imported goods are necessary to protect American jobs and industries from foreign competition where foreign-made products are sold much cheaper than U.S.-made products, driving U.S. companies out of business.

“This is ridiculous, we should just get rid of all barriers except on things that will hurt people,” Koch told the media, according to ABC News.

“Yeah, it’s unfair. It’s unfair to their people,” Koch claimed of the foreign countries and foreign workers who have been hit with Trump’s tariffs.

Trump’s tariffs have delivered gains for the U.S. steel industry — which had been decimated by decades of free trade. Most recently, Trump visited Granite City, Illinois, where the former steel town announced that, thanks to the president’s protective tariffs, it was rehiring at least 800 American workers who had previously lost their jobs to foreign competitors.

U.S. Steel Manager Neal Whitt credits the success of reopening their Granite City, IL location to President Trump’s dedication to bringing jobs back to America. “I look around here today and I see the smiling faces, we owe that to you Mr. President. Thank you very much.”

For decades, the U.S. has maintained a trade deficit in steel products, importing vastly more steel than the country is exporting. Trump says he wants to change this trend with...

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