90 Miles From Tyranny : What Milo's criticism of Jordan Peterson teaches us

Monday, July 16, 2018

What Milo's criticism of Jordan Peterson teaches us


  1. I haven't gotten a positive feel for Peterson. To be honest and fair, my general hangup with him is that he is an academic. Generally I have no more need to dismiss a man *cough* Now, if Milo dismisses him too? I... could be wrong. I didn't care who like or loved Milo. I always and immediately considered him part of the worst parts of the problem. I'll... review about Peterson first though. Rats and skunks don't get along, nor I with either. Not always is the enemy of my enemy my friend. That is only ever a last resort as diplomacy is failing while I hold the weakest hand, or I think I can get enemies to self-eliminate. *wink* If he truly approaches with humility though... It would be difficult to completely dismiss. I'm just not sure most truly understand the functional term. I do, I'm just not good at it. I'll... see.

  2. My complaint with Jordan Peterson is similar to my complaint with Ayn Rand. I've read both and find their logic to be unusually strong and mostly believable, at least until they try to explain their religious beliefs (they believe they have none, QED). There they both jump the logistical shark. Peterson should not be thought of as an academic, per se, otherwise the bias will pollute any observations you would make, which would be unfair. You would also miss out on the fascinating mental exercise his books have become.