90 Miles From Tyranny : 80 Percent Of Americans Think Political Correctness Is A National Problem

Friday, October 12, 2018

80 Percent Of Americans Think Political Correctness Is A National Problem

Contrary to a common narrative, majorities of Americans of all ages, income levels, and racial backgrounds strongly oppose political correctnesss.

Eighty percent of Americans say “political correctness is a problem in our country,” according to newly released data from a nationally representative poll drawing upon 8,000 survey respondents, 30 one-hour interviews, and six focus group. Some of this data, compiled with help from YouGov, has been newly released in a report called “Hidden Tribes.”

Objections to political correctness are even stronger among racial minorities and those who have never attended college. High-income college graduates, especially those with advanced degrees, are the Americans most likely to think political correctness is not a problem. These are also the group most likely to label themselves atheists or agnostics, and identify as politically liberal.

Contrary to a common cultural narrative, the poll finds large majorities of Americans of all ages, income levels, and racial backgrounds oppose political correctness, even while 82 percent also think “hate speech” is a problem. This may suggest Americans believe thought and speech censorship is not the best way to address rude and discriminatory behavior.

Opposition to political correctness was higher among Asians (82 percent), Hispanics (87 percent), and American Indians (88 percent) than among white Americans (79 percent). In fact, just about every single demographic studied showed overwhelming objection to political correctness except the Americans the study reporting the poll results identified as “progressive activists.” Progressive activists, the study says, “have an outsized role in political discourse, even though they comprise a small portion of the total population (about 1 in 12 Americans).”
About the 8 Percent of People Who Love PC

“Progressive activists are the only group that strongly backs political correctness: Only 30 percent see it as a problem,” wrote Harvard University lecturer Yascha Mounk in an overview of the poll results at The Atlantic.
Compared with the rest of the (nationally representative) polling sample, progressive activists are much more likely to be rich, highly educated—and white. They are nearly twice as likely as the average to make more than $100,000 a year. They are nearly three times as likely to have a postgraduate degree. And while 12 percent of the overall sample in the study is African American, only 3 percent of progressive activists are...

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  1. Now that is telling and reflects the opinion of everyone I know. Maybe, just maybe-the winds of change are strengthening.

  2. I really do not know how to function in a politically correct manner and never desired to learn. If asked, I usually call it like I see it. If the matter is really onerous, I get....let's just say emphatic and loud. And no, not sorry for that. needless to say I usually try to obey the four rules of human interaction with heavy emphasis of the fourth rule(makes the first three easier to follow). at this point, what does it matter?


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