90 Miles From Tyranny : Imagine Us Being Into Obama's Economy For 10 years!!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Imagine Us Being Into Obama's Economy For 10 years!!

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  1. No Obama, no Trump. It's also about time it dawned on the GOP that Trump is a one of a kind. He's not a professional politician, thank goodness. His media skills far exceed any professional politician, his practical experience and negotiating abilities does as well. Does anyone think if John McCain, or Jeb! had been in office that the economy would have turned around anything like what's happened? There's no indication they would have stopped the "ratchet effect" of just accepting the laws and rulings the left has installed instead of attempting to roll them back? No, the GOP pre-Trump was just Democrat lite and worked in conjunction with with them to put this country in the mess it was in under Obama. Now there's one last issue Trump and the GOP need to address to put the country back where it was before the left GOP and Democrats took control and that's real immigration reform. Let's hope they can pull it off because the future of the country is at stake. If Trump does that he will be the greatest President of the 21st century by far.