90 Miles From Tyranny : Our President Needs You....

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Our President Needs You....


  1. the left is coming for you.
    they are coming for your money via higher taxes
    they are coming for your jobs via increased regulations and increased (illegal
    they are coming for your free speech by impeaching Kavanaugh and implementing net censorship.
    they are coming for your freedon of religion by importing more muslim "refugees", and siding with every atheist movement in the country.
    they are coming for your property by trying to institute crazy, and restrictive green land use regulations.
    they are after your freedom of choice by delegating which products you can and cannot buy.
    they are after your freedom by labeling you mentally unbalanced if you disagree with their group think. (see Kanye west).

    the only nonviolent way to stop them is to vote as if your freedom, and your life depends on them losing.

  2. We'll see whether I am eligible to vote in this election, or not. I mailed my voter registration form to the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections on Saturday, 6 October via Certified Mail with Return Receipt to make sure they got it. Delivery date was supposed to be 9 October, which was the cutoff for registration for the General Election in Florida. USPS notified the Supervisor of Elections that there was Certified Mail for them with Return Receipt request on 9 October at 9:25 AM. They did not sign for it that day. They did not sign for it on Wednesday, 10 October. The Post Office says it was FINALLY delivered on 12 October. I am waiting to see if they will register me for this election or not.

    To be honest, I am not too surprised to see that the Brevard County Office of Elections is either this incompetent or this corrupt. The county government in general has earned much the same reputation.

    1. In any case, you will be eligible to vote for President Trump in 2020...

  3. Why on earth would anybody wait till the last possible minute to register to vote? Did you get your flu shot yet or are you waiting for the flu?

    1. I waited to see if the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill in the Senate were going to confirm Kavanaugh, or if they instead were going to follow the Songbird McShame lead. If they had not, they would have been welcome to shove this election up their Shrub sideways. My "Republican" Senator, Little Marco, has refused to endorse Governor Scott to take the place of Billy Nelson. Showing he is just another jackass in an elephant suit. The GD bastards are looking to foist their filthy used Mittens upon us once again. And to top things off, I have no confidence that my vote will be counted as cast anyway, given the incompetence and corruption of the Brevard County Office of Elections. I had been registered for over thirty years, but had them remove my name from the voter rolls several years ago because I had had enough of their bullshit and lies.