90 Miles From Tyranny : Reporter Nearly Impaled by Flying Debris During Hurricane [Video]

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Reporter Nearly Impaled by Flying Debris During Hurricane [Video]

A Weather Channel meteorologist was nearly impaled by flying debris while reporting on Hurricane Michael:

Here’s the back story on this:
It’s what Jim Cantore does. When a hurricane kicks up, the Weather Channel meteorologist runs right into the middle of it. During Hurricane Michael on Wednesday (Oct. 10), however, Cantore came dangerously close to proving why it’s never a good idea to be outside in the middle of a hurricane.

In a live segment from Panama City Beach, Florida, where the Category 4 hurricane made landfall at midday, Cantore stepped outside to demonstrate the strength of the storm.
“It’s relentless,” Cantore shouted over the roar of the wind before looking up and dashing off camera as a chunk of storm debris — a piece of 2-by-4 lumber, it would appear — flew though the spot where Cantore had been...Read More HERE

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