90 Miles From Tyranny : Trump has China quaking in its boots

Monday, October 8, 2018

Trump has China quaking in its boots

In private, senior Beijing officials view president as Sun Tzu-like strategic genius

The signs of Chinese retreat began with the softening of rhetoric on state media.AP

Modal TriggerWith China still running a record trade surplus with the US, it seems premature — to say the least — to say that Trump has won his long-overdue trade war with China.

But it is not too early to conclude that, despite their threat of retaliatory tariffs, China’s Communist authorities know that they have lost.

The increased tariffs to date, combined with the threat of more, have already clipped the wings of China’s economic rise. Its stock market is down 21 percent year over year, industrial output is slowing and its currency is weakening.

Looking beyond the bluff and bluster emanating from Beijing, there is evidence that Party leader Xi Jinping is looking for a way to stand down.

Let’s read the Chinese tea leaves.

In early July Xi ordered state-media outlets to tone down their rhetoric. “Self-deception and boasting will not bring about true self-confidence and pride,” the official Communist Party newspaper dutifully editorialized.

This sudden modesty was a striking turnabout from five years of constant bragging — by none other than “Core Leader” Xi himself.

Almost from the moment he took power in 2012, the Chinese leader was so confident that his own country’s rise was unstoppable, and so certain that America was in terminal decline, that he openly boasted about the China-dominated world to come.

He even drew up a series of grandiose plans — China would dominate high tech by 2025, the Asia-Pacific region by 2035 and the world by 2049.

Xi may try to blame his propaganda flacks for overdoing it, but the Chinese people know who is responsible. In backing off the braggadocio, Xi is “slapping his own face,” as the Chinese say.

The Chinese state-run media has been busily throwing up a smokescreen to cover Xi’s retreat. It has launched increasingly unhinged attacks on what it calls the “lunatic,” “insane” and “terroristic” Trump administration.

After all, the masses must be told who to blame for China’s recent economic difficulties.

The official Global Times has even published an article calling for...

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  1. I'm a Trump supporter from day one and I don't believe by any stretch Trump has China "quaking in its boots". What he has done is caused China great concern that Trump is the new sheriff in town and he's not about to let them continue to get away with their shit either economically or militarily. China now knows for certain the bloated ego of the Mulatto Warrior is no longer their ace card. In fact, Trump has reshuffled the deck and threw away their marked cards. The either deal above board or he won't deal at all. Trump doesn't threaten, preach or whine. He acts. They know it. He's willing to meet them fair and square and that my give them pause.