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Sunday, July 21, 2019

The moment a mainstream media journalist took a second to say something kind to President Donald Trump for a change — versus incessantly trying to smear him — the rest of her peers in the demonstrably partisan, left-wing media pounced on her like a lion.

“No matter what your politics are, I have to say that I appreciate the access ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ gives us on a regular basis and the ability to ask any question,” ABC News correspondent Kyra Phillips graciously tweeted early Friday evening.

No matter what your politics are, I have to say that I appreciate the access ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ gives us on a regular basis and the ability to ask any question. ⁦@PressSec⁩ ⁦@johnrobertsFox
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It was an understandable sentiment, given as the Trump administration has been far more transparent than the administration of former President Barack Hussein Obama.

So much so, in fact, that two years ago even ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl — who’s not exactly a fan of the administration — gave Trump props for it.

“I have probably had more opportunities to ask questions of President Trump over the past two weeks than I had of President Obama during the last two years of his presidency,” he said at the time.

Moreover, as of -mid, 2019, the current president had yet to spy on any reporters.

“The Obama administration, on the other hand, declared open war on the press in a take-no-prisoners kind of way,” Canadian radio broadcaster Michael Enright pointed out in a column two months ago.

“Obama’s justice department tapped reporters’ phones, dragged reporters into court, and prosecuted three times as many cases targeting leakers than all previous administrations combined.”

Yet here’s how America’s allegedly unbiased, allegedly non-partisan “journalists” reacted to Phillips thanking Trump for providing a level of press access certainly higher than Obama:

You are a network reporter. You do not need to kiss any politician’s ass in public. Let alone one who calls journalists, “the enemy of the people.” JFC.
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As interview requests go, this is pretty 101 stuff @KyraPhillips . This level of fawning might get you a retweet from @POTUS , but if you want the one-on-one interview you'll need to kiss the ring much harder than this.
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Is this supposed to be sarcasm or are you angling to be the next Press Secretary? What good is being able to ask any question when you never get a coherent, honest answer?
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So much journalisming. Keep in mind that every single one of the tweeters above identifies himself or herself as a so-called “journalist.” What’s particularly ironic is that these are among the same journalists who actually kissed the butt of Obama during his eight years in office.

To be clear, Phillips was not kissing Trump’s butt. She was just thanking him for press access. Note also how she explicitly pointed out that her tweet wasn’t meant to be political.

“No matter what your politics are …,” she’d written.

Yet it became political because of the far-left, which couldn’t stand the thought of...

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  1. You have to understand that all the vitriol from the press is them trying to spit the shit taste out of there mouths from 8 years of licking zero's ass. The MSM had on one view of the previous administration and that was of the anointed one's brown winkie (sort of like Big Mikes usual view but only from lower down.)