90 Miles From Tyranny : Democrats want their border crisis back and are actually plotting to get it

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Democrats want their border crisis back and are actually plotting to get it

It may sound like wishful partisanship at first glance to argue that Democrats want the U.S. border to keep surging with hundreds of thousands of unvetted illegal aliens, but that's what a Border Patrol leader is warning, not some partisan hack.

President Trump's immigration policies are steadily curbing the flow of illegal immigrants [sic] across our southern border — but some Democrats are determined to keep the humanitarian catastrophe going for as long as possible for political gain and at America's expense.

Based on the Democrats' upcoming bag of legislative and legal tricks that Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, the chief labor union representing the agency, described, it's pretty obvious that they miss the border crisis and want a new one.

Some Democrats were already seething over a series of recent court rulings that upheld President Trump's border initiatives, and now that the success of those initiatives has become apparent, they're anxious to hamstring our enforcement efforts and reverse our recent progress. According to Politico, some House Democrats are looking for "payback" for Trump's immigration tactic, raising concerns that open-borders hardliners in the Democratic caucus might try to block funding for immigration enforcement agencies, such as the Border Patrol and ICE.

"There is a greater and greater sense in the Democratic Party that any support of the administration's policies is giving cover to moral wrongdoing," Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna explained.

Remarkably, the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates are even more radical on immigration than their colleagues in Congress. For these extremists, obstructing President Trump's border security agenda is small potatoes — their explicit objective is to "decriminalize" illegal immigration, turning America into a country with, in effect, no borders at all.

As if that weren't radical enough, on the second day of their presidential primary debate in June, every Democrat on the stage openly admitted that they would support providing "free" (i.e., taxpayer-funded) health care to every single illegal alien in the country.

So aside from trying to thwart President Trump from enforcing the law and end incentives for illegal immigration in courts, along with open-borders political stances, they're now going for the jugular, making moves to cut off all funding for the border patrol, an essential mission of government practiced by every nation in the world, in every era in history. It's as if they are attempting to erase the U.S., the very source of...

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