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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Trump Clarifies: 'I've Always Denounced Any Form' of White Supremacy, Biden Must Denounce Antifa

After the first presidential debate on Tuesday, Democrats savaged President Donald Trump as a “white supremacist” and even Republicans said they wished the president had vocally condemned white supremacists. Trump clarified his remarks on Wednesday, explaining that he did not know who the Proud Boys are, insisting that he has “always denounced any form” of white supremacy, and demanding that Democratic nominee Joe Biden vocally denounce antifa.

During the debate, Fox News anchor and moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump, “Are you willing, tonight, to condemn white supremacists and militia groups” — Trump cut in, saying, “Sure” — “and to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities as we saw in Kenosha and as we’ve seen in Portland?”

“Sure, I’m willing to do that,” the president responded. “I would say almost everything I see is from the left-wing, not from the right-wing. I’m willing to do anything, I want to see peace.”

“Well, then do it, sir,” Wallace said. “Do it. Say it,” Biden chimed in.

“What do you want to call them? Give me a name. Give me a name,” Trump said.

“White supremacists and right-wing militias,” Wallace said. Biden also spoke over him, saying, “White supremacists, Proud Boys.”

Trump, flustered, addressed the only named group, the Proud Boys. “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by,” the president said. “But I tell you what, I tell you what, somebody’s got to do something about antifa and the Left.”

It would have been more satisfying if Trump had said, “Of course I denounce white supremacists like I’ve been doing for years. And to the Proud Boys, I say, ‘Stand down, and let law enforcement do their jobs.'” Yet it seems, in the heat of the moment, the president realized he did not have much time and he wanted to say, “Sure,” give a quick statement urging militia groups to stand down, and then go after his opponent.

Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) quickly seized on this clip as evidence that “Trump is a white supremacist.” Yet Trump has repeatedly denounced and condemned white supremacy and white supremacists like the Ku Klux Klan.

As PJ Media’s Stacey Lennox pointed out, Chris Wallace should know. Trump firmly denounced the KKK and white supremacists in a presidential debate in 2016 — after Wallace asked him. “I totally disavow the Ku Klux Klan. I totally disavow David Duke. I’ve been doing it now for two weeks,” then-candidate Trump said. “That question was also talked about in the form of groups, groups. I want to know, which groups are you...

If No One Sees What You Post, Do You Have Free Speech?

EPIC: Ted Cruz DEMOLISHES CNN’s Fredo Cuomo in 20-Minute Brawl

Wednesday night on CNN, Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo faced perhaps his strongest interviewee in eons in the form of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who spent 20 minutes completely disemboweling the condescending, far-left, and pompous hack on everything from the economy to coronavirus to CNN’s Trump Derangement Syndrome to the election to vile extremists.

But most damaging of all, Cruz repeatedly left Cuomo journalistically compromised by calling out the deadly New York nursing home policy implemented by his brother and Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The full transcript can be found here (you’re welcome, America), but we’ll go through some highlights (even though a thorough dissection would require multiple posts). Cruz was on to promote his Supreme Court book One Vote Away, but that was hardly the topic de jure.

Cuomo led off with this notion that President Trump has vocally endorsed white supremacist groups and, as we would see throughout the affair, Cruz threw him off his game with facts. On this issue, it was Biden eulogizing former Senator and onetime KKK leader Robert Byrd (D-WV), which Cuomo denounced as a “weak ass argument.”

Instead of digging in on that, Cuomo moved to Cruz’s 2016 feud with Trump and wondered why he would support such an administration. Cruz replied by remarking that “[t]here was a time when CNN cared about being journalistic and talking about facts,” but that’s gone as “Donald Trump broke you guys.”

“I mean, you’re just — [y]our entire show, your entire network now is just how much you hate Trump,” he added.

Cuomo continued rehashing 2016, so Cruz replied with the obvious that “you hate the President,” which Cuomo countered with this pants-on-fire lie:

Actual War Footage From The Debates Last Tuesday Night...

FIVE asteroids due to buzz Earth TODAY, as scientists claim space rock once robbed up to 60% of planet’s atmosphere

NASA has announced that at least five asteroids are due for close flybys of Earth on October 1 alone. Meanwhile, researchers believe one giant impact in the past once removed up to 60 percent of Earth’s atmosphere.

October appears to be kicking off with a bang as a barrage of space-borne boulders heads our way over the course of Thursday.

Asteroid 2020 SM4, measuring 9.9m (half a bowling lane) in diameter, passed at a distance of 3.1 million kilometers away, while the 15-meter long 2020 SU5, (as tall as the Hollywood sign), already passed at two million kilometers. 

The largest of Thursday’s unwanted visitors, 2020 RJ3, measures about half the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza, or 69m, and is expected to pass at 5.85 million kilometers.

Bringing up the rear are giraffe-sized (6.1m) 2020 SW6 and the half-telephone-pole sized (5.9m) 2020SN, at a distance of one million kilometers and 976,000km respectively. For context, the average distance between Earth and the Moon is about 239,000 miles (385,000 kilometers).

Meanwhile, researchers at Durham University in the UK just revealed they believe the Earth may have lost between 10 and 60 percent of its atmosphere in the asteroid collision suspected of creating the Moon.

In collaboration with an international team, lead author Dr Jacob Kegerreis et al ran more than 300 supercomputer simulations to determine the impact of asteroids on planetary bodies and the subsequent effect on their atmospheres.

At present, the leading theory suggests the Moon formed some 4.5 billion years ago following a collision between Earth and...

Joe Biden's New Slogans:

4 Questions James Comey Actually Answered in Senate Hearing

Former FBI Director James Comey took questions from a Senate committee for almost four hours Wednesday, but had the same answers for many of them.

Comey, who President Donald Trump fired in May 2017, fielded questions remotely by video link primarily about the FBI’s Russia-Trump investigation code-named “Crossfire Hurricane” before a special counsel took up the matter.

Throughout the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, in which he gave sworn testimony, Comey repeatedly offered the responses “I don’t know,” “I know nothing about … ,” “I don’t recall,” “I don’t remember,” “I only know what is in the public record,” “I can’t answer that,” and “That doesn’t ring a bell.”

Comey also said, “I don’t know anything about the facts that have recently been revealed about the subsource.”

In another often-repeated variation, Comey frequently responded to senators by questioning their questions, saying, “I don’t agree with your characterization,” “I don’t agree with your preamble,” or “I don’t agree with your predicate.”

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz found numerous flaws in the FBI investigation in a report last year—primarily with regard to the agency’s surveillance of Trump campaign associate Carter Page.

In some instances, Comey did answer senators’ questions. Here are four examples. 

1. ‘Proud’ of Russia Investigation

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., asked the former FBI director: “How would you rate the Crossfire Hurricane investigation in terms of being done thoroughly, by the book, and an investigation the FBI should be proud of?”

Comey responded, “Overall, I’m proud of the work. There are parts that are concerning, which I’m sure we’ll talk about. But overall, I’m proud of the work.”

Later in the hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, asked broadly about the Russia probe as well as the investigation of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn and misinformation in the application for a warrant to surveil Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

“Was that handled in a competent and honest way?” Cruz asked.

Comey continued with his “overall” defense.

“I think the overall investigation of the Russia interference and whether Americans were associated with it was conducted in an honest, competent, independent way,” Comey said.

Cruz noted that Horowitz’s report found 17 significant omissions in the FBI’s application for the initial warrant to spy on Page under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA.

“So, in your view, 17 mistakes and lying to the court is competent and honest?” Cruz asked.

Comey responded of the inspector general: “I don’t believe he concluded they were lies to the court. There were significant failings with how the Carter Page FISA [application] was prepared and renewed.”

Cruz brought up Kevin Clinesmith, the FBI lawyer who pleaded guilty in August to altering information in a CIA email, leaving out information that Page had worked with the CIA.

“That fraudulent document was then used as the basis for a fraudulent submission to the FISA court. Do you believe that is honest and competent?” Cruz asked.

Comey replied, “I don’t believe you offered an accurate summary.”

Cruz wrapped up by calling the FBI’s probe corrupt and hinting that Comey was corrupt:
This investigation of the president was corrupt. The FBI and the Department of Justice were politicized and weaponized. In my opinion, there are only two possibilities: that you were either deliberately corrupt or woefully incompetent. And I don’t believe you were incompetent. This has done severe damage to the professionals and the honorable men and women at the FBI, because law enforcement should not be used as a political weapon. That is the legacy you have left.

Later, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, referred to a notorious compilation of anti-Trump material compiled by Christopher Steele, a former Bristish intelligence agent, and financed by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Cornyn asked Comey: “Did you call the Steele dossier salacious and unverified?”

Comey: “The entire dossier was something we were trying to see if we could rule in or rule out.”

Cornyn: “Are you aware of any verification by the FBI?”

Comey seemed unsure before eventually responding: “I learned a lot about the Steele material and the subsource interviews from the Horowitz report that I didn’t know before.”

2. Russia and Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe sent a letter to the Judiciary Committee regarding declassified information on how Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign pushed the Russia investigation to distract from her own campaign problems.

“In late July 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies obtained insight into Russian intelligence analysis alleging that U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the Democratic National Committee,” Ratcliffe’s letter says. “The IC [intelligence community] does not know the accuracy of this allegation or the extent to which the Russian intelligence analysis may reflect exaggeration or fabrication.”

The letter from the director of national intelligence goes on to say:
On 07 September 2016, U.S. intelligence officials forwarded an investigative referral to FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok regarding ‘U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s approval of a plan concerning U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering U.S. elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private mail server.’

Graham asked Comey: “Do you recall getting an inquiry from the intelligence community in September of 2016 about a concern that the Clinton campaign was going to create a scandal regarding Trump and Russia?”

Comey, as he did for much of the hearing, responded, “I do not,” and added: “That doesn’t ring a bell.”

Later, Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., asked about the appropriateness of the director of national intelligence’s releasing the letter.

“I don’t understand Mr. Ratcliffe’s letter well enough to comment,” Comey responded to Leahy. “It’s confusing. I think it contains in it a statement that is unverified information. I really don’t know what he’s doing.”

3. If Comey Knew Then What He Knows Now

Man Stabbed to Death by Migrant For Trying to Prevent Girlfriend Being Raped Was Targeted Over ‘Sweden Democrats’ Cap

“He’s a racist.”

A 19-year-old Swedish man who was stabbed to death by a Sudanese migrant while trying to prevent the culprit from raping his girlfriend was targeted because the migrant thought he was “racist” for owning a Sweden Democrats cap.

The results of the police investigation into the incident, which occurred in Härnösand on May 10 this year, have now been revealed.

A group of migrants entered a house party uninvited before 23-year-old Abubaker Mohamad Awad noticed the SD cap. Sweden Democrats is a right-wing populist party that opposes mass immigration.

Having repeatedly entered the bedroom of 19-year-old Tommie Lindh’s girlfriend where she was trying to sleep and being told to leave, Awad then pointed a knife at her while accusing Lindh of being a “racist” for owning the cap.

Awad then demanded the girl stand up or he would kill her and Lindh.

The migrant then held the knife to the girl’s throat and orally raped her in a bathroom. When Lindh tried to intervene, Awad stabbed him in the neck, back and chest. He subsequently died from his injuries in hospital.

“While the 19-year-old was bleeding, the African forced the woman to go to one of the bedrooms where he raped her. If she did not come along, he would cut her as well,” reports Fria Tider.

Despite the young woman making repeated emergency calls to police, it took them over an hour and a half to arrive.

After police arrested Awad, “he laughed in front of the camera at the arrest, made grimaces and victory signs with his fingers.”

The rape victim subsequently told friends, “He raped me. I do not want to live anymore.”

It was subsequently revealed that the Sudanese migrant, who was granted Swedish citizenship in 2011, had a long criminal record, including a 2015 conviction of raping a girl under the age of 15.

Meanwhile, in a 2017 Facebook post, Mohamed outlined his views about the fairer sex by posting, “I say...

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The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #427

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1127

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Do You Support This?

Girls With Guns

Lying Joe

They May Have Caught The Communist Who Hit The Cop In The Head With A Bat...

This Is Why You Should Use https://duckduckgo.com

Texas border patrol arrests two child sex offenders in the country illegally

“The public is encouraged to take a stand against crime in their communities and report suspicious activity at 800-863-9382."

HIDALGO, Texas — Border patrol agents in Texas recently arrested two convicted child predators who were allegedly in the country illegally, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

State troopers contacted the border patrol for help making a traffic stop in Hidalgo. Agents interviewed the occupants of the vehicle and determined both were in the country illegally.

The pair were arrested and during a check of their backgrounds, they found one of them was a registered sex offender. Jorge Gamez-Salas was previously convicted in Dallas County for Indecency with a Child where he was sentenced to two years confinement, records show.

Two days later, agents in the same area arrested Fernando Luna-Mendoza after he also allegedly entered the country illegally. Record checks revealed a previous arrest in Henderson County, southeast of Dallas, where he was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child, a first-degree felony. He received five years confinement in that case.

Both offenders were reported to be Mexican nationals.

“The public is encouraged to take a stand against crime in their communities and report suspicious activity at 800-863-9382,” noted border officials. “Even with the spread of the COVID-19 virus, human smugglers continue to try these brazen attempts with zero regard for the lives they endanger nor to the health of the citizens of our great nation. The U.S. Border Patrol agents of the Rio Grande Valley Sector will continue to safeguard the nation and community against...

Trump Received $3.5 Million From Putin?

Oh Wait, That Was Hunter Biden...Nothing To See Here!

Hunter Biden's Shady Deals Are Coming To Light...

Trump 3rd Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize by Australian Law Professors for Doctrine Against Endless Wars

On Monday President Donald Trump was nominated for the third time this year for a 2021 Noble Peace Prize. The nomination came courtesy of Australian law professors praising the "Trump Doctrine" against endless wars.

While speaking with Sky News in Australia, law professor David Flint explained why he decided to nominate Trump.

"The Trump Doctrine is something extraordinary, as so many things that Donald Trump does. He is guided by two things, which seem to be absent from so many politicians. He has firstly common sense and he is only guided by a national interest, and therefore, in our circumstances, an interest in the Western alliance," Flint said. "What he has done with the Trump Doctrine is that he has decided that he would no longer have America involved in endless wars, wars which achieve nothing, but the killing of thousands of young Americans and enormous debts imposed on America."

During his interview with Sky News, Flint also spoke about the recent peace deal announced by Trump between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), making the latter the third Arab country to make peace with the Jewish nation.

While speaking with Sky News, Flint said, "What Trump did was he went ahead and negotiated against all advice, but he did it with common sense."

"He negotiated directly with the Arab states concerned and Israel and brought them together and these states are lining up," Flint added. "He's also been the first American president to work out how to make America energy independent of the...

Ideas Don't Throw Molotov Cocktails Joe...

Bombshell: Obama Briefed That Hillary Was Planning Russia Hoax. Went Along With It.

Three Points That Point to the Worst Political Crime in Our Nation's History

The media spits out the word “bombshell” the way ballplayers spit out pumpkins seeds. But rarely does it apply.

Yet on Tuesday comes a legitimate news bombshell. A revelation that blows up the Trump Russia Hoax, detonating the biggest scandal in American political history right in President Obama’s mitts.

Barack Obama was warned by CIA director John Brennan that Hillary Clinton was allegedly cooking up the Trump-Russia conspiracy hoax. Those warnings came true. Obama knew it, and still allowed the Trump-Russia hoax to continue.

The revelation is found in a letter the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe sent the Senate Judiciary Committee declassified today.


Three Points That Point to the Worst Political Crime in Our Nation’s History

The information declassified by Ratcliff indicates three things.

Russian intelligence analysts believed Hillary Clinton had “approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal” against Donald Trump “by tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the Democratic National Committee.” Our Intelligence community didn’t know (at that time) the accuracy of that allegation.

Then CIA Director John Brenner briefed President Obama and other senior national security officials on the intelligence. (Did that include Vice President Biden?)Including the “”alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016 of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.”

In September 2016, CIA agents sent an investigative referral to FBI Director James Comey and Trump-hater Peter Strzok, demanding an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s approval the plan “as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private mail server.”

As we know, rather than investigating Clinton for creating the hoax, Comey and Strzok and the rest continued their counter-intelligence investigation into Trump and his campaign based on those (bogus) Russian accusations.

And Barack Obama rolled with it, despite the fact that right as he was getting these briefings, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her surrogates were starting to run around accusing Trump of the very things the intelligence report said she would.

In fact, on January 5, 2017, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, James Comey, John Brennan — in other words, people who’d known since July it was a suspected hoax — plotted how to continue the fake Russia investigation into the Trump Presidency. They plotted how to frame war hero Lt. General Michael Flynn. They plotted against the duly elected President of the United States.

America, you were set up by your former president. And it is sickening.

Greg Price summarized nicely on Twitter:

Sean Davis at The Federalist summarized the story this way:

Democrats Say This is Just Russian Disinformation

Predictably, Democrats are telling Politico the original report out of Russia about Hillary concocting the Trump Russia story is just Russian “disinformation.” Hillary”s people call it “baseless bull****.”

And like good obedient lemmings Politico nods and accepts without stating the obvious and already proven on the record:

PROOF! Biden Wore A Wire During The Debate:

Report: Biden Reneges, Now Won't Submit to Search for Earpiece Before Debate

Biden’s Texas Political Director Implicated in Massive Mail-In Ballot Harvesting Scheme in Harris County

A Biden Campaign operative in Texas is attempting to rig the 2020 election with the help of others in a massive ballot harvesting scheme, according to two private investigators who testified under oath that they have “video evidence, documentation and witnesses” to prove it. With the help of mass mail-in ballots, the illegal ballot harvesting operation could harvest 700,000 ballots, one Harris County Democrat operative allegedly bragged.

The investigators—a former FBI agent and former police officer—claim that Biden’s Texas Political Director Dallas Jones and his cohorts have been “hoarding mail-in and absentee ballots” and ordering operatives to them fill out for people in Harris County illegally, “including dead people, homeless people, and nursing home residents in the 2020 presidential election,” Patrick Howley of the National File reported.

While law enforcement agencies are reportedly investigating these potential crimes, nothing will be done about it until “well after the November 3, 2020 election” the former FBI agent said.

Dallas Jones was appointed the Biden campaign’s Texas Political Director in late August.

Congratulations to Dallas Jones, President and CEO of Elite Change, Inc., for being selected to serve as the Texas Political Director for the Biden Campaign! We look forward to helping Biden/Harris win Texas in November! #vote #BidenHarris2020 #BlueWave #TurnTexasBlue pic.twitter.com/Th8XIOaOiu

— Elite Change, Inc. (@EliteChange) August 28, 2020

Mark A. Aguirre and Charles F. Marler provided sworn affidavits as part of a class-action lawsuit in the Texas Supreme Court, Steven Hotze, M.D. et al., against Harris County and the state of Texas.

The National File obtained the private investigators’ affidavits.

In his testimony, Aguirre stated that he is a retired captain with the Houston Police Department and now a private investigator.

“I am currently involved in an investigation related to a wide-ranging and fraudulent ballot harvesting scheme in Harris County intended to rig the elections in the Houston/Harris County area. This scheme involves voter fraud on a massive...

Looks Like Trump Has The Spanish Vote Locked Up!

California environmental professor argues 'white supremacy' is the cause of wildfires and hurricanes

Of course it is

An environmental professor at Santa Clarita University in California recently blamed the global "climate crisis" — which he says has resulted in raging wildfires on the West Coast and hurricanes on the East Coast — on none other than "white supremacy."

What are the details?

Ted Grudin, who earned his Ph.D. in environmental science from the University of California-Berkeley, wrote an op-ed in the Earth Island Journal last week titled, "How White Supremacy Caused the Climate Crisis."

In the op-ed, Grudin asserted that "embedded in the theory of racial supremacy is the theory of human supremacy over nature, which has brought environmental calamity upon us."

As Grudin sees it, white supremacy thrives on the "accumulation of wealth and power" of a select few, namely Caucasians, and the "oppression and destruction" of everyone and everything else. White people, he argued, have historically believed that dominance and control are their "natural rights" and have thus sought to "colonize peoples and...

6 Highlights From Trump-Biden Debate

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden squared off for the first of three debates Tuesday night.

Here’s six matters the two discussed in the debate, which was moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. 

1. Election Integrity

With COVID-19 prompting significant mail-in or absentee voting, election integrity has become a major topic of discussion.

Biden suggested it’s not a concern.

“There are going to be millions of people, because of COVID, that are going to be voting by mail-in ballots,” Biden said. “We’re going to make sure the people who want to vote in person are able to do that because enough poll watchers are there to make sure they can socially distance.”

He added, referring to Trump, “This is all about trying to dissuade people from voting because he’s trying to scare people into thinking that it’s not going to be legitimate.”

The former vice president stressed that he would accept the results either way.

“If I win, that will be accepted. If I lose, that will be accepted,” Biden said. “By the way, if he says he’s not sure what he’s going to accept, let me tell you something, it doesn’t matter. If we get the votes, it’s going to be all over, He’s going to go.”

Trump warned of fraud, bringing up numerous examples of primaries earlier this year where mail-in balloting was a problem. Trump made a distinction between absentee ballots–or what he called solicited ballots–and mass mail-in ballots.

“As far as the ballots are concerned, it’s a disaster. A solicited ballot is OK. You’re asking. They send it, you send it back. I did that,” Trump said. “They are sending millions of unsolicited ballots across the country. There is fraud. They found them in creeks. They found some with the name Trump in a wastepaper basket. They are being sent all over the place. They sent two in a Democrat area. This is going to be fraud like you’ve never seen.”

Trump later added, “We might not know for months because these ballots are going to be all over. Take a look at what happened in Manhattan. Take a look at what happened in New Jersey. Take a look at what happened in Virginia and other places. They’re not losing 2% or 1%. They are losing 30% and 40%. It’s a fraud and a shame.”

As for the final results, Trump said, “I am urging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully.” He said if it’s a fair election, “I am 100% on board.”
2. Forest Fires and Green New Deal

Trump argued that “forest management” was key to preventing the wildfires scouring California.

“You need forest management … the forest floors are loaded up with trees, dead trees that are years old and they’re like tinder, and leaves and everything else— you drop a cigarette in there, and the whole forest burns down. You’ve got to have forest management,” Trump said.

Later he added, “Every year, I get the call, California’s burning, California’s burning … if you had forest management, good forest management, you wouldn’t be getting those calls.”

Asked by Wallace if human pollution and greenhouse gas emissions were contributing to global warming, Trump said, “To an extent, yes.”

Biden spoke of weatherizing buildings, and increased use of electric-powered vehicles. “We can get to net zero in terms of energy production by 2035,” the former vice president said, adding that millions of jobs would be created.

He also attributed the dramatic weather in recent years to climate change, saying:
We spend billions of dollars now … on floods, hurricanes, rising seas. We’re in real trouble. Look what’s happened just in the Midwest with these storms that come through and wipe out entire sections and counties in Iowa. They didn’t happen before. They’re because of global warming. We make up 15% of the world’s problem … but the rest of the world, we got to get them to come along. That’s why we have to get back into … the Paris Accord.

If the United States had stayed in the Paris Agreement, an international treaty, the nation would have had to make significant strides in reducing greenhouse gas emissions,

After Trump brought up the Green New Deal, an environmental plan released by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Biden said, “I don’t support the Green New Deal.”
3. Health Care

Trump asserted that Biden would back socialized medicine.

“Your party wants to go socialist medicine,” the president said.

Biden responded that his Democratic primary opponents attacked him for not supporting a Medicare for All plan.

“The platform of the Democratic Party is what I, in fact, approved of,” Biden said.

Wallace suggested Trump had no plan to replace Obamacare.

“Of course I have,” Trump responded. “We got rid of the individual mandate.”
4. Confirming Barrett and Court Packing

Biden said that voters should “have a right” to determine who fills the Supreme Court seat vacated after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“We should wait and see what the outcome of this election is,” the former vice president said, adding, “It’s just not appropriate to do this before the election.”

He did make it clear that it wasn’t personal.

“She seems like a very fine person, but she has written before she went on the bench that she thinks that the Affordable Care Act is not constitutional,” Biden said, referring to Amy Coney Barrett, who currently serves as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit.

When asked about the appropriateness of appointing Barrett to serve on the Supreme Court before the election, Trump stated, “Elections have consequences.”

“A president is elected for four years,” Trump said. “We are not elected for three years. I’m not elected for three years.”

Trump also said of Barrett, “She is going to be as good as anybody that has served on that court.”

Some Democrats have called for ending the filibuster and filling the Supreme Court with additional liberal justices, if Democrats win the presidency and the Senate.

Wallace asked Biden, “Are you willing to tell the American people tonight whether or not you will support ending the filibuster or packing the court?”

Biden said he wasn’t going to answer the question.

“Whatever position I take on that, that will become the issue,” Biden said. “The American people should speak. You should go out and vote. … Vote and let your senators know how you feel about this. I’m not going to answer the question because the question is …”

Trump kept interrupting before Biden finished his point about why he wouldn’t answer.
5. Racism and Critical Race Theory

Wallace asked the two candidates to address race, and asked Trump about his executive order to stop Critical Race Theory training in the federal government. The theory promotes the belief that a person is automatically advantaged or disadvantaged based on race.

“I ended it because it’s racist. I ended it because a lot of people were being asked to do things that were absolutely insane,” Trump said, adding, “It was a radical revolution taking place in our...

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The 90 Miles Mystery Video: Nyctophilia Edition #426

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The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1126

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? 
It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, 
from the beautiful to the repugnant, 
from the mysterious to the familiar.

If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, 
you could be inspired, you could be appalled. 

This is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. 
You have been warned.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020



Girls With Guns

The Slow Boil...

We Knew This Would Happen....

Say Her Name: LOSER

Video: Communist Revolutionary Thugs harass diners in Florida following Breonna Taylor decision in Kentucky...

Katherine Rodriguez Dishes on ‘The Quotable Joe,’ About Biden’s Sexist Comments, Lies, and Flip-Flops

Katherine Rodriguez, a reporter for Breitbart News, joined Breitbart News Tonight host Jerome Hudson to discuss former Vice President Joe Biden and her new book, The Quotable Joe: Corn Pop, Dog-Faced Pony Soldiers, and Other Malarkey from America’s Most Embarrassing Candidate.

The Quotable Joe is described as a “collection of the most racist statements, lies, made-up stories, and dumbfounding moments of Joe Biden’s entire career.”

“I was reporting on the 2020 campaign primaries, and I noticed his quotes during those primaries were out of whack, and they were just so out of whack that I decided, you know, it would be a great idea if there were a collection of those quotes, and I decided to make it into a book,” explained Rodriguez, who has been with Breitbart News since 2016.

Listen below:

Chapter titles from the book include Racial and Sexual Malapropisms, Lies and Flip-Flops, and Made-Up Stories.

“He made a statement about Indian accents in Delaware to a voter,” Rodriguez said, highlighting a Biden gaffe that did not receive much coverage. “He said, ‘You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a...

This Is Insane, But This Is What We Are Up Against....

Next declassification could flip Russia collusion script, point to effort to hurt Trump

Former NSC official says some evidence cut against claim Russia was helping Trump.

The Trump administration is preparing one of its biggest declassifications yet in the Russia case, a super-secret document that could flip the collusion theory on its head four years after the FBI first started its investigation.

Multiple officials familiar with the planned declassification, which could happen as early as this week, told Just the News that the new evidence will raise the specter that Russian President Vladimir Putin was actually trying to hurt President Trump, not help his election in 2016, as the Obama administration claimed.

The new evidence would complement a revelation last week that the primary source for the Christopher Steele anti-Trump dossier was known to the U.S. government to be tied to Russia intelligence, raising the possibility that the Russians were undercutting the GOP nominee.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., hinted at the big revelation in a Sunday appearance on the Fox News show "Sunday Futures with Maria Bartiromo."

"Everything Russia-Trump was looked at. You had $25 million, 60 agents. You had subpoenas, you had people’s lives turned upside down," Graham said. "The question is, 'Did they look at Russia coming after Trump?' "

Referring to last week’s revelation, Graham added: “We’ve got a Russian spy on the payroll of the Democratic Party putting together a document that details the FBI was not reliable.”

The possibility that the FBI and CIA had reason to suspect Russia was trying to hurt Trump and help rival Hillary Clinton first emerged in a Just the News article last month that revealed a House Intelligence Committee secret report accused the U.S Intelligence Community Assessment of ignoring...

When The Dog-Faced Pony Soldiers Won't Clap....

The Actual Footage HERE

WATCH: Election Fraud Operative OPENLY Bribes Voter for Mail-in Ballot: “We Don’t Care Illegal”

Project Veritas released a second round of footage exposing an organized Minneapolis election fraud ring on Tuesday, revealing that campaign organizers working for the scheme are openly paying members of the local Somali community for unmarked mail-in ballots.

“Now… take this money for your pocket change,” says the ballot harvester. He hand the mans 200 dollars and explains that he’ll pick up his ballot after the man receives it in the mail. The same man confirms that he currently owes money to Somalian terrorist organization al-Shabaab.

Another fraudster goes on to clarify that “we don’t care illegal” in reference to the legality of the criminal...

What Is The Penalty For Treason?

Voters Across Brooklyn Get Absentee Ballot Return Envelopes with Wrong Name and Address

The city Board of Elections sent absentee ballots to some Brooklyn voters with return envelopes bearing strangers’ names and addresses, THE CITY has learned.

In those cases, if a voter fills out their presidential election ballot and sends it in as instructed, their vote could be attributed to another person.

As of late Monday, THE CITY had received calls and emails from several voters affected by the apparent screwup in at least five neighborhoods: Sheepshead Bay, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Park Slope and DUMBO.

Victoria Edel, of Sheepshead Bay, said she received a return envelope with the name and address of a woman who lives one street away and has a last name that begins with a D.

“This is not my ballot, we have this random lady’s ballot — it’s like they messed this up in a big way,” said Edel, 28.

Valerie Vasquez, a spokesperson for the city Board of Elections, blamed a vendor hired by the agency, Phoenix Graphics of Rochester, N.Y., hired to print and distribute absentee ballots in Brooklyn and Queens.

She said the board is trying to understand the scope of the problem and what to do about it.

“We are determining how many voters have been affected but we can assure that the vendor will address this problem in future mailings, and make sure people who received erroneous envelopes receive new ones,” she wrote in response to questions from THE CITY. “We will ensure on behalf of the voters in Brooklyn that the proper ballots and ballot envelopes are in the hands of the voters in advance of Election Day so they can vote.”

A message sent by THE CITY to Phoenix late Monday was not immediately returned. The Board of Elections in May awarded Phoenix a $4.6 million contract to handle absentee ballots.

The contract was a negotiated acquisition, which means that there was no competitive bidding. Phoenix was the only vendor contacted by BOE for the job, the city comptroller’s Checkbook NYC system shows.

Votes Would be Voided

The voters who contacted THE CITY reported receiving their absentee ballots in the mail Monday as requested. Each got a ballot along with an “official absentee ballot envelope” into which they were instructed to place their...

Why Won't Joe Biden Take A Drug Test Before The Debate Tonight?