90 Miles From Tyranny : Climate activist calls for the extinction of the human race

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Climate activist calls for the extinction of the human race

Les Knight, a climate activist in Portland, Oregon, has a novel solution for improving the environment: eradicate the human race.

In an article in the UK's The Guardian newspaper, Knight detailed his five-decade long journey of advocating for an end to mankind.
Fifty years ago, I concluded that the best thing for the planet would be a peaceful phase-out of human existence. We're causing the extinction of hundreds of thousands of other species. With us gone, I believe ecosystems will be restored and there will be enough of everything. No more fighting over resources.

Surprised, Knight conceded his idea "wasn't as well received" as he hoped. Still, the climate activist said he led by example and voluntarily had himself sterilized in the 1970s.
"At 25, I wanted to show I was serious. A medical school gave me a discounted vasectomy in exchange for being a student doctor's first try at the procedure, which was successful," he wrote.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Project

Then, in 1980, Knight settled in Portland where he founded the Voluntary Human Extinction Project. "Our message is simple," he wrote, "we encourage people to stop procreating so the biosphere might return to its former glory, and everyone...

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  1. Mr. Knight should lead by example!

  2. What a great idea.
    He should go a little farther and kill himself.

  3. Sure. Ban all fossil fuels.

    But... First, Mr. Protestor wearing an oil-rubber face mask with coal- and oil-based dies on your polyester (fossil fuels) and spandex clothing, carrying your sign printed with fossil-dies, on paper made in a plant and printed all using fossil fuels and how exactly did you get there?

    I'd respect him/her/it much more if everything it is wearing and waving was all made not using fossil fuels directly (like dies) or indirectly (like power or transportation.)

  4. The only thing unusual about Knight is that he tells you the truth. He wants everyone else to die, not himself.

    Ted Turner doesn't say, "I want you dead" he says, "A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal." Pretty much the same with all those dedicated greens.

  5. do you see any other "earths" near by??? no? then fix the problems what are screwing the pooch now. don't dream what utopia we could be in. fix the mess you made now.
    i wouldn't concern myself with overpopulation today. tomorrows plague will take care of that. medical science will run out of new antibiotics and the diseases will limit population or cause and increase in fertility. same with food crop diseases then comes starvation. it's the way things are. so just don't worry about that which you cannot change, worry about where you'll bury the bodies in the disaster to come. dead people stink.
    the quick way to limit population is war. the end of ww1 brought about plague of flu in 1918 that killed off in excess of twenty five millions. Mao killed off about sixty million. Stalin killed about twenty five million, six million near Moscow alone. they made Hitler and his cronies look like amateurs. Mother Nature will top them all. she does it all the time. 12,400 BC something happened. we don't even know what but we can guess. It was Momma Nature hitting the reset button, again. She has done it many times to us. she will do it again.
    like I said, don't worry. spoiler alert: we all will die in the end.


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